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Missional Action Plan

Robert Quinn tells a story of a scout team who explored the Alps and found themselves lost. After wandering for a bit, a member of the team remembered that he had packed a map. With a surge of hope and encouragement, the team made it back to camp. It was only after returning that the scout team leader realized that what they had used was not actually a map was of the Alps, but of the Pyrenees. Sometimes, we just need a guide to help orient our thoughts.
The Missional Action Plan below is not the only map that can help your group embody God’s redemptive mission. However, it can be helpful. Dozens of churches have used this MAP to find where God might be working among their neighbors and discern how best to engage and serve them.
List some evident needs in your local community.
  • How/where is God breaking your heart for your local community?
  • What are the passions and gifts evident in your faith community?
  • Where do the needs in your local community and the passions and gifts of your faith community intersect?
  • Presence. In what ways will you engage and become part of the group’s community? (remember: this is not about attracting them into your church, but taking the church to them – being the church for them in a personal, relational way.)
  • Proximity/Frequency. How often will you meaningfully interact with the group? Aim for regularity and spontaneity. Think of this like a good friendship. You may have a regular night out every other Tuesday, but you also get together for lunches or football games, etc. during the month as well. (The goal here is at least two regular interactions per month with spontaneous interactions as well. The same people from your team need to be interacting with the same people in your missional commitment in order to develop meaningful relationships).
  • Powerlessness. Jesus (God-in-the-flesh) came as a humble, vulnerable servant. how will you be a humble servant to the group that makes up your missional commitment?
  • Producing Fruit. We may not lead with proclamation on day one, but we must always be ready to verbally share the gospel story and our own experiences of Christ. how will you genuinely seek to share the gospel story with this group? ultimately, if we fail here, we fail. don’t force it, but be ready for the opportunities that God will certainly provide.

Missional Grants

CATAPULT is all about launching you and your congregation into missional action. We want to take the potential energy that has gathered through the CATAPULT Conference and convert it into kinetic energy. In an effort to make CATAPULT more than a three day event, we plan to offer missional grants for congregations who do the intentional work of developing and implementing a missional action plan. Over the past three years, CATAPULT has given $10,000 in grants to churches, missional groups, and agencies. Through these grants, food distribution services, archery groups, GED training services, inner city percussion groups, and more have begun. It’s just the people of God being the people of God. In order to qualify for CATAPULT missional grant money you must gather a missional action team, develop a plan using the “Missional Action Plan,” answer the questions below by submitting them on the CATAPULT missional grant form, and submit a sample budget. If you receive a grant, monthly updates on your progress will be required for accountability. CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE CATAPULT GRANT APPLICATION WEB FORM.